Exam Levels & Types

Exam Levels & Types

The TCF - Tout Public is the language level test of the French Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports. It assesses the general French language skills of people whose mother tongue is not French.

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Overview of the TCF test by France Education International

Presentation and Format of TCF - Tout Public

TCF is made up of 3 compulsory tests and 2 optional tests. The compulsory examinations involve listening, proficiency in language structures and reading, the optional examinations consist of speaking and writing. You must have passed the compulsory examinations to be able to take the optional examinations. The optional modules (EO & EE) can be taken on different dates to the compulsory modules (CO, SL & CE), on the condition that they are taken within the test's validity period and at the same test center where you took your compulsory modules.

You can take:

  • the compulsory examinations only;
  • the compulsory examinations and only one optional examination;
  • the compulsory examinations and both optional examinations.

TCF on computer

Four blue chairs in front of computers with keyborads, mouse and headphones. All computer are turned on for the tcf exam taking place in this exam room.

All the TCF tests (except the oral expression test, which takes place in front of an examiner) are offered on computer. This is not an online test, but an application installed on the exam computers. Computer-based exams have many advantages:

  • shorter registration time;
  • oral comprehension taken with headphones allowing better concentration for listening to the items;
  • less handling of documents (booklet and answer sheet) since questions and answers appear at the same time on the screen;
  • no need for an internet connection during the test;
  • less manipulation;
  • everything is automated, and simple mouse clicks are needed to answer and navigate;
  • faster delivery of results.

In 2020, a survey of 3592 TCF candidates showed that 89.1% of candidates were satisfied with the TCF on computer.

Recognised by fide

The State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) maintains a list of recognised language certificates. Listed are exams by the Goethe-Institut and the French exam TCF - Tout Public that Swiss Exams offers. The fide language passport serves as proof for naturalisation, residence permit (B) and settlement permit (C). The language passport can be applied for TCF (only with Épreuves complémentaires) at the fide office (costs CHF 20.-). The easiest way to get a fide Sprachenpass in Switzerland!

This is the quickest and easiest way to get your fide language pass! If you have successfully passed a Goethe-Institut exam or the French exam TCF - Tout Public (Test de connaissance du français), all you need to do is fill out he form below and send in the supporting documents.

How to apply for the fide passport

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