TCF | Tout Public

TCF | Tout Public

Do you wish to assess your French language skills for personal, academic or professional reasons? You ended up in the right place. Find more information about the French exam TCF - Tout Public below.

Exam Information

What is the TCF – Tout Public exam?

TCF has been developed by France Éducation international at the request of the French ministry of education. It is recognised by the French Higher Education authority, university authorities, university language centres in France and abroad, as well as administrative authorities and different institutions responsible for teaching French abroad. The grid for levels and the key for notes are translated into 11 languages and enable users (from both the academic and professional world) to know precisely what a candidate, having passed the TCF, is capable of.

Who takes TCF - Tout Public?

The TCF - Tout Public French language test has been designed for anyone who, for personal, academic or professional reasons, would like to have their French skills assessed and certified reliably. The recognised test TCF has been designed for teenagers (16 years old and upwards) and adults. There are no qualifications required to apply for the TCF.

Why to take the French test TCF - Tout Public?

You should choose the French exam TCF - Tout Public for the following reasons:

  • personal: this test focuses on French knowledge (oral and written comprehension or expression ), with a view to potential fluency; it is in some ways a linguistic snapshot of the level of French at the time the candidate takes the test;
  • professional: it provides objective information that a candidate can present to an institution with a view to recruitment or promotion;
  • academic: it provides, according to international standards, a reliable evaluation of the linguistic abilities that will be taken into account for admission into a higher learning establishment (universities, colleges, art schools, architecture schools, business schools, etc.).

Format Test de connaissance du français

TCF is made up of 3 compulsory tests and 2 optional tests. The compulsory examinations involve listening, proficiency in language structures and reading, the optional examinations consist of speaking and writing. You must have passed the compulsory examinations to be able to take the optional examinations. The optional examinations can be taken on dates different to the compulsory examinations, on the condition that they are taken within the test's validity period.

  • Listening comprehension: Group test: 29 multiple-choice questions (4 choices of answers, one correct answer)
  • Proficiency in language structures: Group test: 18 multiple-choice questions (4 choices of answers, one correct answer)
  • Written comprehension: Group test: 29 multiple-choice questions (4 choices of answers, one correct answer)
  • Written expression: Group test: 3 exercises
  • Oral expression: Individual test face to face with an examiner: 3 exercises At the computer-based TCF test, the MCQ is composed of 91 items. The 15 additional items (5 in each skill) compared to the paper version are not included in the final score. They allow France Éducation International to analyse the validity of the items.

The duration of the TCF Test varies according to the number of tests presented (between a minimum of 1 hour 25 minutes and a maximum of 2 hours 37 minutes):

  • Oral comprehension: 25 minutes;
  • Proficiency in language structures: 15 minutes;
  • Written comprehension: 45 minutes;
  • Written expression: 60 minutes;
  • Oral expression: 12 minutes (including 2 minutes of preparation). In the context of a computer-based test, the time required for oral comprehension, mastery of language structures and written comprehension is about ten minutes longer than for a paper-based test.

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